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Pest & Rodent Control Services in the San Jose Area

For homeowners in the Bay Area, it’s inevitable that their property will be visited by insects and other unwelcome pests from time to time. For the most part, these incidents are minor and easily dealt with—who hasn’t seen a spider running across their wall on occasion? Sometimes, though, these annoying multi-legged creatures arrive on the premises in substantial numbers, and conventional solutions just aren’t adequate to get rid of them. When that happens, you’ll need professional help—and you can get it from MightyMite Termite Services, one of the leading home pest control companies in the state of California.

When we talk about pests, we’re referring to a wide range of creatures with varying characteristics. Termites are among the most common of these household threats, and in this region they usually fall in one of two categories: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Either of these types can cause serious damage to your property. Cockroaches also pose a significant threat—in California there are no less than six distinct species of these pests. Other problem-causing pests include ants, flies, spiders, rats, earwigs, and ticks.

Call MightyMite Termite Services today for a free pest inspection; we’ll find the source of your infestation problem and figure out the best approach for ridding your home of these creatures. In some cases, fumigation will be necessary, but often targeted treatments such as orange oil can get the job done without requiring residents to leave the premises for a significant period of time. We’ll also advise you on techniques for avoiding future infestation issues. Our rodent exclusion and pest control services have been carefully refined over many years, and we’ve enabled many residential and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area to restore their valuable property to its original infestation-free condition.

Pests Treated by MightyMite Termite Services:

Drywood Termites
Drywood Termites make their homes in dry wood as opposed to the soil, and sadly all too often this wood is also your home. Pictured here is a winged swarmer, something a mature drywood colony produces periodically in large numbers and sends out into the world to form new colonies.

Subterranean Termites
As the name would indicate, subterranean termites make their nests in the soil, just like many species of ants. They also don’t like to leave it, and will build “mud tubes” fashioned from dirt and saliva to travel in when they need to leave the soil. Usually this is when they are scavenging for food, and often those are the most visible sign they have invaded your house.

Wood Boring Beetles
These beetles make small nest in wood, and quickly reproduce more such beetles that do likewise. They do not consume the wood itself like termites do, but an infestation of Wood Boring Beetles can quickly expand, with each nest taking up more and more space in a given piece of lumber, and can eventually lead to replacement or at least cosmetic repairs if left untreated.

While the occasional ant may sneak into your home, an infestation can be hard to control, even once identified. Often control of ants is an ongoing issue, as locating the precise colony itself can be difficult.

While many species of spiders are harmless, most property owners try to minimize the risk of contact with venomous spiders, such Black Widows or the Brown Recluse, native to California.

California is the known home to six species of cockroaches. German Cockroaches are the most likely candidate for invading your home.

Most often transported by nearby wildlife or your furry pets, these biting creatures can infest your home quickly and are one of the most unwelcome of house guests.

Earwigs are slow moving pests found in damp areas, like mulch, compost bins, flower pots/beds. Earwigs are nocturnal pests that can also damage gardens.

Rodents multiply fast and can cause serious sanitation and electrical problems if an infestation is not taken care of quickly. Long term infestations can also lead to damage in other areas as well.

For more information regarding any of our services, please feel free to contact our experts at MightyMight Terminate by calling (408) 335-7053!

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