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We at MightyMite Termite want to let our customers know that we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and we will remain operating on a limited basis during this public health situation.   Although extermination companies are not required to stop working under the guidelines of Shelter in Place directives, we of course have allowed and encouraged any employees with health concerns who wish to stay at home to do so.  We very much support our community’s efforts to stem the spread of the outbreak using Social Distancing policy and will continue to do so for as long as the County’s health directive remains in place.

In the meantime, MightyMite Termite will be working with a significantly reduced staff for the duration of the Shelter in Place orders, and will continue to meet our client’s needs to the best of our ability, while remaining in full compliance with Social Distancing guidelines as we do so.    Be well and safe, we’re in this together.