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Get Your San Jose, CA Home Ready For Termite Treatment

Prep Your House to Treat for Termites in San Jose, CA

A termite infestation can lead to significant property damage. We understand your home is one of your biggest assets, so we’re here to ensure extensive termite damage gets under control with high-quality termite control services. MightyMite Termite Services helps San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas prep your house to treat for termites. We’ll do all the tough work while you simply prep your home for termite fumigation. Whether you’re receiving treatment for drywood, dampwood, or subterranean termites, we’ll help you prepare for your services. Contact us with any questions.


Preparing Personal Items

Preparing your home for fumigation includes:

  • Store Clothing –It’s best to pack and store clothing, curtains, and bedding. Place these items in bags for optimum protection.
  • Throw Away Unsealed Food –If you have any open food in your home, it’s best to toss it in the trash. You can relocate medication, pet food, and any other items outside of your home if you plan on keeping them.
  • Unplug Electrical Appliances –Unplug any electrical appliance in your home, including televisions, refrigerators, and ovens.
  • Unwrap Plastic-Covered Items –Items like plastic-covered mattresses, seats, and cushions should be uncovered for the best effect. Unwrapping plastic ensures there is no hiding place for termites.
  • Remove Plants –Protect plants from damage by storing them on your patio or deck.
  • Open Inside Doors –Open the doors between each room to allow the chemical treatment to spread evenly through the home.

Termite Treatment Solutions

Depending on the termite treatment option, your preparation might differ. Our termite control products include:

We carry a complete line of termite control products such as:

  • Orange Oil – Orange oil treatment is produced by leftover orange juice rinds as a by-product, making it a cleaner choice of pesticide for many people.It is not used for dampwood termites.
  • Tim-Bor: Tim-Bor is a low toxicity treatment, allowing for a maximum level of protection with a lower amount of harmful chemicals. It’s sprayed into areas with exposed wood.
  • Vikane – Vikane is a whole-home treatment process, often used in extreme infestation cases to control drywood termites.
  • Altriset – Altriset controls subterranean termites. This treatment does not kill termites on impact, but it allows the infected termites to spread the poison to the entire colony.
  • Termidor SC – Termidor SC is made from non-repellant, undetectable chemical technology that kills subterranean termites through soil injection. The slow-acting treatment is spread through the entire colony, killing termites deep within the colony.
  • Termidor DryTermidor Dry features Microllose™-based formulation, easily applied directly to a termite’s gallery in shelter tubes, wood, or away from a structure. It kills subterranean and drywood termites by transferring the poison to the entire colony.

Contact MightyMite Termite Today

MightyMite Termite helps make the termite treatment process as easy as possible. Our products and processes are done as safely as possible to ensure your termite infestation is wiped out without a huge hassle. We understand every infestation is unique, so it’s important to have an experienced team of termite inspectors on your side. We’ll discuss in detail what you can do to prepare your home for your customized treatment. We don’t want the infestation making a return, so we’ll do all we can to help you prepare your home for the best possible treatment. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

Contact Mightymite Termite Services Today for a Free Termite Inspection!