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Customer Reviews

Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say.

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

I hadn’t had my house check for termites in 15 years, and although I had solved a small infestation a few years ago, I knew I had to call the pros when I found more in my garage studs. On the day of the check, I got a call that Joh was available early, which worked out great for me. John got there at the same time I did and he got right to work. He confirmed the two sightings I had found and checked the rest of the house without finding any more.
The next day(!) Erick and his crew showed up right on time. I had to move a lot of material out of the garage, and in the process found three more infestations that John had missed (they had been completely obscured by equipment, so there was no way he could have found them). The guys treated all locations and cleaned up afterword.
I was very happy with the whole process. My only word of caution- they do tell you to make all areas as accessible as possible, and this is very important! They can’t inspect what they can’t get to.
Additionally In my case, about 1/5 of my houses’ foundation couldn’t be inspected because it had been built over a concrete patio.; that was news to me. You’d have to be the size of a young child to fit, and even then you might get stuck.

Dave S. | Sunnyvale, CA, 04/03/2017

The inspection was very thorough. The technicians showed up right on time and were very professional. All worked was explained and the types of pesticides used was documented. They also spotted some plumbing issues which were not their job, but was appreciated

Darrell B. | Salinas, CA, 04/03/2017

I didn’t need any treatment in the end (as I had suspected) but Kenan was super professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again even though I hope I don’t have to! I really couldn’t fault anything, he was bang on time, explained everything in detail, offered his card and said to call if any questions. I wish more companies operated in such an excellent manner! A+++

Ian D. | San Francisco, CA, 04/03/2017

I had an ant problem for about half a year in various places in my house. Taking care of the problem myself was like playing whack-a-mole — I would find a bunch of ants, feed them Terro for 14-21 days, and a month later find another bunch of ants in a different location, …. rinse and repeat. After terro’ing the fifth colony (the third one in my kitchen area), it was time to give up and call the professionals.
It’s really hard to choose a good exterminator (or any service business for that matter). I worry about the service, the quality of the work, the price, being forced to endure high pressure sales tactics, etc.
Fortunately for me, EVERYONE at MightyMite have been nothing but friendly and professional — from Ramon who takes the calls, to Chester who solved my ant problem, and Bill who did a complimentary termite inspection — best part, got a report emailed to me next morning!
Most importantly, I haven’t seen an ant inside my house since

Robert C. | LA, CA, 04/03/2017

I have been dealing with a number of contractors over the past year and a half and the guys at MightyMite are among the best. They were prompt, professional and pleasant. They explained the inspection, the process and why they made the recommendation they did. My project included termites, wood beetles and fungus. On the day of the job, I asked that they check some additional areas, which they did without question. I was very impressed with their knowledge about their field and solutions to various pest issues. I have already started recommending them to friends.

Ann P. | Pleasanton, CA, 04/03/2017

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