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Most Common Wood Destroying Termites Treated by MightyMite Termite Services

Western Drywood Termite:

Behavior: The Western Drywood Termite directly lives in the wood they are eating. They require very little moisture to survive and extract what moisture they do require from the wood they are eating. They are not picky about the type of wood that they eat, hard wood or soft wood. A colony will release swarmers (termites with wings) each year during the months of July through October as they are more active during warmer weather.

Evidence of Infestation: The Western Drywood Termite colony is evident by seeing “frass” or wood shavings and their pellets or droppings which appear to look as a pile or sprinkling of sand or pepper and are wood colored.

Eradication Methods: The Western Drywood Termite can be exterminated by localized treatment or whole house fumigation.

Subterranean Termite:

Behavior: The Subterranean Termite lives underground since they require at least 70% moisture in order to survive. They are attracted to moisture under, in and around a home. They prefer softer wood to eat since it usually has a higher moisture content and is easier for them to eat since they have a smooth jaw or mandible. A colony will release swarmers (termites with wings) usually after rain when the sun comes out and moisture is in the air. Swarming can occur at any time of the year for this type of termite, sometimes even after watering your yard.

Evidence of Infestation: The Subterranean Termite colony is evident in a home by seeing shelter or mud tubes in a crawlspace area under a home, along wall framing or even coming from cold joints or cracks as small as 1/64” in concrete slabs.

Eradication Methods: The Subterranean Termite can be exterminated by treating the soil at the interior and exterior perimeter of a home.

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