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MightyMite Termite FAQs

What is Orange Oil? Is it the best solution?

Orange oil is distilled from orange rinds to extract the oil. D-limonene is the chemical name for orange oil. It is a renewable resource and is a by-product of orange juice manufacturing. It has been used for decades in the elimination of termites and is a proven product that is far less toxic than many other pesticides in common use. It is applied to the infestations using a comprehensive Drill and Treat process, that not only kills the termites on contact but saturates the wood to reach deep into capillaries, destroying any termite it comes in contact with.

The best solution depends on a variety of factors. Our field technicians are highly trained to identify and recommend the most effective treatment for your termite situation. Orange Oil is not always the most effective solution, that is why we are also experts in utilizing the industry’s top termite products.

Targeted Treatments vs. Fumigation

There are many approaches to treating termites; however, the best treatment depends on your unique situation.


Fumigation of your property is a direct kill approach, which means in order for the treatment to be effective it must have direct contact with the termite and it does not have any residual effect. Fumigation also requires the whole environment to be contained within a tent, in fact you do not have access to your property for a few days because of the higher toxicity of the fumes. MightMite Termite can help you identify if fumigation treatments is the best solution for your situation.

These Products Include: Vikaine Gas Fumigant for whole-house fumigation.

Targeted Treatments

Targeted Treatment implements both direct and indirect kill approaches for maximum effectiveness. What this means is that when we use target treatments we will have solutions that will solve your termite problem, and with the use of indirect kill methods, we can keep utilizing treatments that contain residual agents that can keep killing termites up to 21 days after our treatment. One of the best benefits of Target Treatment you will still have full access to your property, unlike fumigation.

These Products Include: Premise Foam, Termidor Dry, Termidor SC, Orange Oil and Altriset.

How does a free inspection work?

To receive a free inspection follow the following steps:

  1. Call us to request a free property inspection 408-377-3761} or fill out the form by clicking here
  2. We will call you to confirm the best time for our field technician to come to your property to inspect it.
  3. Our field technician does a full detailed inspection at your property (the length of time varies based on the size of your property).
  4. Our field technician will provide any termite findings and recommendations of the best way to solve your problems with any costs associated with the treatments.
  5. Last, it is your decision on what you would like to do. We are service professionals – we don’t have any high-pressure sales tactics.

How long does it take to get rid of termites?

This will obviously depend on the size and type of your infestation. However, most jobs are completed in 4 hours or less. Upon completion of your free termite inspection, your inspector will be able to give you a full recommendation on the treatment needed including estimates for time and cost.

How did they get into my property?

Termites will attack any exposed wood. For Drywood Termites, the most common point of entry is for one of the flying swarmers to land on eaves, rafter tails, window and door frames, attics, and subareas. Very often the paint has worn away, or there is simply exposed wood in those areas. Subterranean termites will range several hundred yards away from their main colony in order to locate food sources. Almost always they will enter the structure through the subarea, building mud tubes to access pier & posts, and will then work their way in. Almost every infestation started from an outside visible point and works their way into your house.

Why do I have termites?

Termites are very common, more so than most people know. Even in very urban environments these hardy insects manage to become established and will proliferate. As most structures are still built of wood, they are still vulnerable to infestation and can be hard to defend against. You did not do anything wrong just because your house has become infested.

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