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Borate Wood Treatment in the Bay Area, CA

Protect your most treasured investment from the impact of termites with MightyMite Termite in the Bay Area, CA. Our trusted team understands the importance of shielding your home from pesky critters using highly effective solutions. We offer our customers industry-leading borate wood treatment.

Reliable Borate Wood Treatment in the Bay Area, CA

Exploring Borate Treatment for Wood

Borate wood treatment is uniquely designed to protect wood from the effects of termites and other wood-decomposing pests. The treatment is coated onto the wood and then absorbed to serve as an impenetrable barrier that termites cannot cross. It is often used in vulnerable areas, including wood studs, floor beams, floor joists, and more.

How It Works

Borate is a treatment that offers enhanced protection against insects and various types of decay. It is created with a chemical compound of boron and oxygen derived from mineral deposits within the earth’s crust. Due to its makeup, when applied to wood, it uses the wood’s moisture to penetrate deeply for long-lasting protection.

Reliable Termite Control

Once borate wood treatment seeps into the wood, it offers lasting protection. When termites feed on the treated wood, the borate makes the termites sick by disrupting their metabolic functions. In turn, the termites cannot process food and begin dying out from starvation.

Safeguard Your Bay Area Home

One of the features of Bay Area homes is the abundance of wood used in the construction. Our charming community is a target for wood-decomposing organisms, including termites. It is essential to be proactive when it comes to safeguarding your home. That’s why customers choose borate termite treatment by MightyMite Termite.

Using Borate Wood Treatment and Preservation

Borate wood treatment is versatile and effective when it comes to shielding wood from irreparable damage. Some of the factors this environmentally-friendly preservation combats include:

  • Termite infestations
  • Carpenter ant infestations
  • Beetle infestations
  • Fungal decay

The Benefits of Borate Wood

Borate wood treatment is a reliable choice for premium protection. Some of the benefits of borate wood treatment and preservation include:

  • Safer for humans and pets
  • Long-lasting for continued protection
  • Versatile and effective for various types of wood
  • Enhanced peace of mind and comfort

Rely On the Experts

Get proactive about your home’s termite protection with MightyMite Termite and our trusted borate wood treatment. As California natives, we understand what’s required for a full-stack termite solution and work diligently to ensure your home receives the quality treatment it needs. From full infestations to preventative treatments, we have you covered.

In-Depth Inspections

Sometimes, the effects of termites are not noticeable until it is too late. MightyMite Termite provides full-stack, complimentary termite inspections before your termite treatment. This enables our team to determine the severity of an infestation to curate the most effective solution to rid your home of pests while mitigating further damage.

Choose the Best for Your Home

With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, our team provides the knowledge and protection you need to mitigate termite infestations for good. Our customer-oriented approach guides you to the most effective solution to maximize the results of your termite treatment.

Secure Your Borate Wood Treatment and Preservative Today


If you’re ready to reap the benefits of an exceptional termite treatment, look no further than MightyMite Termite. Discover industry-leading borate wood treatment and preservatives and keep your home safer and structurally secure for years with our help. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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