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Comprehensive WDO Termite Reports

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell your home or commercial real estate, ensuring the property is pest-free is non-negotiable. That’s where MightyMite Termite comes in. Look to our termite control experts for full-stack WDO reports to obtain the WDO inspection report you need to promote a smooth transition to your new Bay Area property.

Secure Your WDO Inspection Certificate

As time-honored termite control professionals, MightyMite Termite is the Bay Area partner in WDO inspections. With our licensing and training, we provide the highest standards of WDO inspection services to help our customers make informed real estate decisions. Count on us for comprehensive solutions that mitigate the risks of wood-destroying organisms.

Understanding WDO Inspections

A Wood Destroying Organism report (WDO) inspection is a mandated inspection required when looking to purchase or sell a home or commercial space in the Bay Area. Standard home inspectors do not cover this facet of property inspections. As such, a licensed and trained professionals, such as MightyMite Termite, must be called in to get the job done right.

Key Factors of WDO Inspections

WDO inspections are highly intricate procedures. During a WDO inspection, our experts assess various high-risk areas of the structure and review several key factors, including:

  • Detect current termite infestations and the type of WDO present
  • Assess past termite infestations
  • Identify signs of structural termite damage
  • Identify any conducive conditions that could lead to future WDO infestations or infections

WDO Inspection Areas

MightyMite Termite’s licensed termite inspectors go the extra mile to ensure a comprehensive property assessment. Following our well established checklist, we carefully assess the following high-risk termite areas for evidence of wood-destroying insects, including:

  • Structural components, including wood beams, framing, and joists
  • Moisture-prone areas, such as crawlspaces
  • Exterior structures, including porches and decks
  • Full interior inspection

WDO We Look For

Many property owners are familiar with termites in terms of wood-destroying insects. However, that’s not all we look for when we perform our WDO inspections. Our process serves to detect and address various types of WDO, including:

  • Different species of termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Wood boring beetles
  • Fungus Dryrot Infections

Common Signs of Wood-Destroying Organisms

With years of experience, MightyMite Termite knows what to look for when performing a WDO inspection. Common signs of wood-destroying insects we see include:

  • Dead or living WDO
  • Shelter or mud tubes
  • Small holes in wood structures
  • Visibly compromised wood structures
  • Blistering, hallow, or discolored wood
  • Peeling or bubbling wood paint
  • WDO droppings

Who Covers the Cost of WDO Reports?

A WDO inspection is a negotiable component in a real estate transaction. WDO inspections are often required to obtain a mortgage, leading buyers to request and pay for the cost of service. Other times, WDO inspections are implemented in the contract contingency, meaning they are requested by the buyer and paid for by the seller.

The Cost of WDO Inspections

The cost of WDO inspections varies depending on the area you reside in and the company you choose. However, it’s imperative to avoid compromising quality for a lower price, as an insufficient inspection can lead to far greater expenditure due to overlooked WDO. On average, you can expect to pay around $300 and up.

How to Schedule a WDO Inspection

To schedule a WDO inspection, you must first find a reputable company. You may find your own WDO inspector or ask your real estate agent for recommendations. WDO inspectors must be licensed, trained , and insured. You know you have chosen excellence when you choose MightyMite Termite’s WDO inspection services.

Schedule Your Trusted WDO Inspection

Don’t settle when it comes to your WDO inspection report. MightyMite Termites is a company with proven termite solution services backed by a successful track record and innovative technologies and techniques that get the job done right. Contact our trusted team today to schedule your WDO inspection service and get expert control for termites.

Contact Mightymite Termite Services Today for a Free Termite Inspection!