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Indirect Kill vs. Direct Kill Products

Indirect Kill

The indirect kill approach to eradicating infestations is by locally treating with products that do not immediately kill the target, but work by what is referred to as a “transfer kill”. This is a popular method for local treatments as it does not require that you have access to the entire termite nest, only part of it. This allows for eradication of even extensive nests going back into hard to reach or unreachable areas. The target termite picks up the product by walking/crawling through it and does not die right away, but brings the product back to the colony and the product is transferred throughout the rest of the colony. Over the next 7-21 days after treatment, the product has then transferred throughout the colony and has killed it off. These products do have a residual effect and will continue to work sometimes up to months after treatment.

These Products Include: Premise Foam, Termidor Dry, Termidor SC, Termidor HE and Altriset.

exterminator outside treating for potential termites
Direct Kill

The direct kill approach to eradicating infestations is by either whole-house fumigation or localized treatment with orange oil which both provide an immediate kill and the products are required to make direct contact with the termite in order to destroy it. These products do not have a residual effect and dissipate quickly upon completion of treatment.

These Products Include: Vikane Gas Fumigant for whole-house fumigation or XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus for localized treatment.

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