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Take Out Termites at the Source with Direct & Indirect Kill Treatments

Deciding on the best treatment to end your termite infestation will depend on various factors. You must consider your budget, the size of your infestation, the impact it will have on your working or living environment, and the interruption it will cause to your daily life. MightyMite Termite Services is here to guide you through it all and help you make the right choice for your home or business. As a superior termite control resource in the Bay Area, we tailor our work to your needs. Our trusted local company offers both indirect and direct kill treatments, using naturally derived, low-toxicity products with low environmental impact to keep your employees and loved ones safe. Working with us, you will get essential insights on each treatment option and a customized assessment of your optimal choice based on your property and other factors that are unique to you. Contact us today to schedule your free onsite estimate, and let us show you how helpful our treatments can be.

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Indirect Kill Termite Treatments

The indirect kill approach eradicates infestations by locally treating with products that do not immediately kill the target. This type of treatment works by what is referred to as a “transfer kill.” This is a popular method for local treatments, as it does not require that you have access to the entire termite nest, only part of it. Indirect treatments allow for the eradication of even extensive nests going back into hard-to-reach or unreachable areas. Indirect treatments cause target termites to pick up the product by walking or crawling through it. The termite does not die right away but brings the product back to the colony, and the product is transferred to the other organisms throughout the rest of the colony. Over the next 1-3 weeks after treatment, the product moves throughout the colony and kills off the other termites. These products do have a residual effect and will continue to work weeks or months after treatment. Some of the top products involved in the indirect kill treatment include:

  • Premise Foam
  • Termidor Dry
  • Termidor SC
  • Termidor HE
  • Altriset

Direct Kill Termite Treatment

The direct kill approach to eradicating infestations uses either whole-house termite fumigation or localized treatment with orange oil. Both provide an immediate kill, and the human-safe products are required to make direct contact with the termite in order to destroy it. These products do not have a residual effect and dissipate quickly upon completion of treatment. The practical products we use indirect kill termite treatments include Vikane gas fumigant for whole-house fumigation or XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus for localized treatment. Contact us for your free estimate and find out if direct kill termite treatments are right for you.

Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Both termite direct kill and termite indirect kill termite treatments deliver on their promise to end your infestation fast. However, both options deliver solutions on their own timeframe and have a very different impact on your budget, the environment, and your life. With indirect treatment treatments, you will have to wait weeks for the solution to take effect. However, it is often less expensive than a direct, whole-property fumigation treatment, and there is minimal to no impact on your living or working environment. Indirect treatments also give you a lasting, residual termite control effect, which means fewer treatment options.

Direct kill treatment options often require extensive fumigations, meaning you will have to vacate your residential or commercial space for a brief period of time. There are also no residual effects of the direct treatment, but there is no waiting either. Direct treatments eliminate termite colonies on contact, giving you an immediate – albeit more expensive – solution to your termite problem.

Contact us for Professional Direct and Indirect Termite Terminating Treatments

No matter which termite treatment you choose for your home or commercial property, you should always call in a professional to provide the expertise and assistance you need. MightyMite Termite Services can recognize and adapt your options to the specific signs of your unique infestation and save you more while eliminating your termite issues fast. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and let us provide the tailored help you deserve.

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