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Fungus & Dry Rot: Wood Destroying Organisms

Many people expect they need termite treatments as soon as they notice structural damage to wood furniture or other items around the home. This is not always the case though. MightyMite Termite Services can determine if you need termite treatments or another treatment type because of fungus or dry rot on the wood. These two can actually destroy wood much quicker than termites. It’s best to call as soon as you notice issues to return stability or restore furniture.

Dry rot is a type of fungus that specifically targets the resiliency and strength components of wood. It breaks down the cellulose and hemicellulose, which weakens it until it becomes soft and unstable. The other most common wood-destroying fungus is known as meruliaporia incrassate or poria. Once this fungus begins tearing down your wood structures, it can conduct its own water source to help feed, causing quicker damage than dry rot. When you need help identifying whether it is destroying the wood around your home, call the experts at MightyMite Termite Services. Even if we can’t assist in the removal, we are more than happy to help you find a professional who can.

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How to Treat Fungus & Dry Rot

You begin repairing fungus and dry rot damage by drying out the affected area. Both thrive in places where it is cool and damp, so places where there is a leaking pipe or where rainfall may have collected are some of the most popular areas for these to show up and wreak havoc. These areas may be hard to spot right away, which is a disadvantage to the average homeowner because they are challenging to get to. This gives the fungus and dry rot the ability to grow before becoming noticed, making professional help a necessity. Our team knows how to navigate these specific places and the importance of reaching out to MightyMite Termite Services for an inspection as soon as you notice issues. After you schedule an appointment, it is best to get a fan on the damaged area to begin the drying the process.

About the Western Drywood Termite

While termite, dry rot, and other fungi all destroy wood around your home or office, they do it in very different ways. Dry rot and fungus will soften the wood as it feeds, which makes it crumble to the touch or even disintegrate. Termites will create colonies within the wood to build their numbers and create safe spaces for their larvae. Although damp wood attracts them, it will be much drier, especially if you are experiencing a poria attack. Dry rot, more than any other fungus, will resemble the damage done by a termite colony. MightyMite Termite can help you determine the difference by offering suggestions as to what you should be looking for when diagnosing the problem:

  • Contrary to the name, dry rot areas will be moist
  • Termites will form cavities throughout the wooded area
  • You will be able to see the termites in their colony
  • The fungus will emit a dank and musty smell
  • Dry rot and other fungi will look like cotton wool and discolor the wood
  • You may also notice pencil-wide mud tunnels on your foundation where termites travel to reach the wood at your home’s base

MightyMite Helps Determine Your Next Move

When you notice damage to the wood around your home, and you are unsure of what is causing the problem, especially around the structural support system, give your friends at MightyMite Termite Services a call. We send out our professionals all over the Bay Area. Thanks to our experience, we can help determine the cause and help you figure out the next step, even when it isn’t with us. Schedule your inspection today to get the answers and relief you need from termite, dry rot, or fungus.

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