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Have Termites?

Help! Termites Are Flying Around My House!

First Step – Termite Control Services!

These are called termite swarmers and are common during the reproductive cycle of the termite. These termite swarmers are absolutely harmless; they do not sting or bite and are not poisonous. However, we understand that flying termites in your house can be a bit unsettling. Until we get there, simply dispose of these annoying termites with a rolled-up newspaper, a good aim and a swift arm.

These termite swarmers are from a mature colony and are looking to set up a new one in the vicinity. Chances are you have a termite infestation somewhere nearby and we would recommend a complete free home inspection. Simply contact MightyMite Termite and we can schedule one for you at your earliest convenience.

Contact Mightymite Termite Services Today for a Free Termite Inspection!