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Cockroaches can be a big problem for residential communities, including condos, duplexes, townhomes, apartments, and single-family homes. These pests can thrive in some of the most extreme conditions and survive!

A common myth is that cockroaches only infest dirty homes. However, this is not true, and they can be found in homes that are spotless, too. When roaches invade your home, they are looking for food and water.

Roaches are nocturnal creatures that prefer the darkness over light. This is why it can be difficult to notice your home has been invaded. The best defense against roaches is not leaving out sources of food and water overnight. This includes:

Washing dirty dishes daily.
Wiping down countertops and sweeping floors to remove food crumbs.
Making sure trash cans have tightly fitting lids.
Using a single trash can for food disposal that is placed outside the home.
Fixing leaky faucets and pipes.

To learn more about cockroach prevention and how to protect your home, please continue reviewing the following infographic. After reviewing it, if you have further questions about cockroaches or want to get your home inspected, please feel free to contact MightyMite Termite Services directly.

Cockroach prevention for your house