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Seasonal Termite Problems in Bay Area, CA

Most termite activity is highly dependent upon the time of year and the weather we experience. Termites are cold-blooded, which means their body temperatures adjust to the temperatures of their environment. As the season’s change, so, too, do their levels of activity. However, termites never go dormant and are always active, so you need termite control services year-round.


With fall comes cooler temperatures and shorter days. Unlike subterranean termites, late summer and early fall are the time of year when Drywood termites will often breed swarmers and send them out in large numbers to start new colonies. Swarmers are by far the most visible form that termites, particularly Drywood termites, come in. They are hard to miss but don’t in and of themselves indicate you have an infestation in your home. Established colonies are harder to detect and while you might not see these invaders directly, they could leave signs of termite activity around your home.

For instance, you may notice small dark-colored specks that look like dirt along baseboards or fine powder-like dust. These are both indications termites are inside your home. You may also notice a soft, squishy-like feeling to wood used as baseboards, flooring, and cabinetry in the home.

Depending on the species, you may also notice mud tubes in different areas of the homes. These are indicative of subterranean termites, which live underground, yet will use the tubes to move safely from their nest into the home to seek out food (i.e., wood) and water, along with with with the warmth of your home provides.


In the winter, in places where it gets colder, termite activity slows down. You do not notice as many signs of termites around and in the home. When things get too cold, the termites will retreat deep into the ground, and they can dig tunnels from their nest as deep as three to four feet into the earth.

However, dry wood termites are attracted to the warmer indoors of your home. Our warmer indoor temperatures are equally as comfortable and inviting to them. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the cold. Drywood termites can remain very active in the protective and warm environment of your home. Just like subterranean termites, they do not sleep and they continue to feast on your home even while you are in bed sound asleep.

TIP: For the homeowner looking to address termite concerns, winter is an ideal time to do so as it is usually the slow season for most exterminators, and often you can find better availability and pricing for work to be done.


In the spring there are often swarms of subterranean termites out looking to set up a new home. Mature termite colonies will develop winged and fertile swarmers in large numbers during this time. While most swarming termites are eaten by other predators, like spiders and birds, those that do survive can become a problem for homeowners, as their new colonies grow and expand.

TIP: If you notice swarming insects and are not sure if they are termites or ants because they look very similar, contact a termite control company and have your home and yard treated just to be safe.

Summertime is an active time of year for termites


Summertime is an active time of year for termites. Subterranean termites will be wrapping up their swarming season in early summer, and Drywood termites will be starting theirs at the end of it and into fall. As in most areas of home care, with the weather being favorable this is an excellent time to have your home inspected for termites. As Summer tends to be a busy season for most Termite companies, it is best to plan ahead a week or two ahead to make sure you’ll have a reasonable time frame for both inspection and any work that might need to be done.

To protect your home year-round from termites, please feel free to contact MightyMite Termite Services at 408-377-3761 to schedule an in-home inspection today!