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If termites are invading your home, you probably want to get rid of them as soon as possible, no matter what method is used. Concern about the destruction of your house can have you calling in an exterminator, to bring the strongest poison possible in order to eliminate the problem. Before you treat your home and yard with toxic chemicals, however, it might be good to pause and give it some thought. There are plenty of reasons to choose low toxicity products with a low environmental impact when you’re ousting termites from your house.

The first thing to consider is something you may not have realized before: Termites are an important part of the ecosystem. By chewing rotting wood, termites provide pathways for fungi and bacteria to grow inside it and cause it to decompose. The chewing of the termites, combined with the decomposition, can clear dead trees from forests, making way for new, healthy growth in rich, fertile soil. Termites are destructive, to be sure, but sometimes this kind of destruction is necessary to promote the circle of life.

The problem is that termites don’t know the difference between a dead tree and the walls of your house. It’s not their fault, but that doesn’t make them any less troublesome, or the destruction of your home any more desirable. But treating your home with poison can be counterproductive in many ways. In addition to causing harm to the environment, toxic chemicals used in pest control can cause health problems for those living in the house, especially pets and small children, as well as for the people applying the chemicals. Additionally, termites can develop a tolerance for chemical treatments, requiring stronger poisons as time goes by.

How do I resolve my termite problem?

So how can you resolve this situation? How can you promote a healthy environment and a low-impact presence and yet prevent termites from literally eating you out of house and home? Fortunately, there are non-toxic, environmentally friendly methods for keeping termites at bay.

One of the best ways to solve the problem is to keep it from happening in the first place. You can help avoid a termite infestation by keeping wood away from your house. Don’t use logs as garden borders, stack firewood against the house, or build decks and stairs from wood that isn’t termite-resistant. Where possible, avoid wood-to-soil and wood-to-concreter contacts, and properly seal any wood that could be exposed to moisture.

Remember, too, that termites don’t just eat wood. They’re not picky and will eat any cellulose-based materials they can find, and that includes paper and cloth. In fact, they’ll even gather plastics and rubber, not to eat, but to use in their own construction projects. They require moisture and warmth to thrive, so it’s good not to store anything cellulose-based in a damp area, such as under your house. Make sure any area you do use for storage has adequate ventilation.

If all of your preventive measures fail, you can still fight a termite infestation without introducing toxins into your home environment. Two of the more widely used environmentally friendly, low-impact termite treatments are borates and botanicals. At MightyMite Termite, we use both types of green treatments to help control termites.

  • Borates contain the chemical boron, mixed with salt. Borax is available in the grocery store and is deadly to termites, but low in toxicity. One of our termite solutions, a product called Tim-Bor, is made primarily of Borate salt compounds and is extremely effective in preventing infestations. In fact, in some conditions, it can prevent termite activity for up to twenty years. It’s largely a preventative product and works best on wood not exposed to external conditions.
  • Botanicals are made from plant extracts. One of the most effective botanical for extinguishing termites is orange oil, a natural oil that contains the active compound d-limonene. This compound is extremely helpful in ridding homes of drywood termite colonies because it kills termites on contact. One of the treatments of which MightyMite is most proud is our Orange Oil advantage, which allows us to remove your termite problem without having to remove you or your family from your home while we do it.

Of course, not every termite problem can be quickly and easily resolved without chemicals or toxicity. Each infestation is unique, and that’s why it’s important to call in a professional as soon as you believe you may have a termite problem. Professional termite inspectors can accurately identify the types of termites in your home, diagnose the problem, and devise a solution that will help you protect your home. The right company will work with you to find the most effective, least toxic solution to your termite problem.

Who do I contact for termite services?

At MightyMite Termite Services, we treat commercial and residential properties, with a clear understanding that no one wants to expose family members, employees, or customers to toxic chemicals. Our Integrated Termite Management is designed to minimize the risk to the environment and the people in it, through the use of eco-friendly termite control products. We diagnose and treat infestations with the most effective methods and unmatched warranties, solving your termite problems the first time, with an industry-best “no call-back rate.” That, combined with our experience, technology, and highly trained professional staff, makes us the leading extermination company in the Bay Area. For more information, call us today at 408-377-3761, email, or contact us through our website.