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Man spraying termite prevention medicine
Termites cause billions of dollars of damages to homes all across the United States annually, which includes Northern California and the San Jose and Bay Area. There are several ways how to prevent termites naturally around your home to avoid infestations and major repairs. With spring right around the corner, now is the time to take steps before the termite swarming season begins.

Don’t Use Mulch for Landscaping Near the Home.

Mulch looks great and comes in a variety of colors. It is an eco-friendly way to liven up outdoor areas. However, it is made from wood—the food source of termites. Placing it near the home will attract termites because it creates an ideal environment for them to thrive in.

Don’t Store Firewood Near or Next to the Home.

Just like mulch, firewood is a food source for termites. It is better to store your wood elevated off the ground in a sealed container made from a non-wood material.

Don’t Ignore Any Warning Signs Your Home Could Be Infested.

Termites will not go away on their own. They work around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. If you notice mud-like tubes on the side of the home, small pin-like holes in wood, or sawdust around baseboards in the home, you could have termites.

Do Remove Dead Trees, Branches, and Shrubs From the Property.

Deadwood attracts termites because its primary purpose is to assist in the decay process of dead trees, shrubs, and branches.

Do Seal the Home Annually.

Termites can get into the home through small openings and gaps. You want to fix cracks in foundation walls and reseal around windows and doors. You should also check to make sure crawl space vents have bug screens over them to prevent access by termites.

Do Have Annual Termite Inspections Performed.

Just because termites are not a problem today, it does not mean they won’t become one a year from now. Part of the inspection process is to identify any termite colonies already on your property and determine what treatments you can use to keep them from spreading to your home.

Do Keep Up With Your Termite Prevention Maintenance Treatments.

Once you start prevention treatments, it is important these are reapplied periodically to remain effective.

Natural Termite Prevention Tips by MightyMite Termite Services

Do Have Wooden Decking, Gazebos, and Other Outdoor Structures Treated for Termites.

People often overlook treating these items because they believe the wood is pressure-treated and that will help prevent pests. The thing with pressure treating is it helps stop the wood from absorbing water and rotting. This does, indeed, help deter certain types of pests for a short period of time. Eventually, though, the pressure treatment wears off and the wood is no longer protected.

For help protecting your home from termites and other prevention tips and tricks, please feel free to contact MightyMite Termite Services at 408-377-3761 today! We offer a free termite inspection of your home, along with suggestions on how to avoid infestations!