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There are many factors to consider when trying to run a successful business. From a management and business development perspective, there are numerous variables ranging from marketing and branding to purchasing of inventory to process creation and implementation. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make sure that the money going out the doors always stay smaller than the money coming in the doors. Some companies are blessed with the wisdom to try and make this happen over the long term, while others try to focus on driving revenue only for the short term using whatever means are necessary.

Here at MightyMite Termite we definitely strive to keep things running smoothly over the long haul. The owners of this company made it clear that we are not looking to be a flash in the pan company; that long term success will require well thought out guidelines that will be used over and over to create and maintain a reputation for excellence, both with our clients and within our competitive industry. Although growth is always desirable, we believe that it is something built over time and is a goal, not a litmus test for success in and of itself.

Although there are many factors to running a successful business, I think it would be safe to say that keeping your customers happy would be at the top of the list of factors that contribute to making such a business. Without happy customers, it is very hard to thrive in the short or the long term. The best way to achieve this in our opinion is to hire and retain, an experienced staff who has worked in the industry and takes pride in their work. We have been extremely fortunate to find and develop such a team, thanks to previous relationships built as well as our reputation as a company within the industry. Using our resources to hire professional and personable staff was a conscious decision on the part of management to make sure that MightyMite Termite is a company worth working for.

Almost every staff member here, field as well as office staff, has worked in the industry for at least 5 years. Many have also worked together at previous companies, which creates a strong bond as well as a solid reference point to know we are hiring an individual who will strive to solve problems rather than seek them. Our employees reflect the areas we cover, hailing from Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Alameda and Monterey counties. In the mornings when everyone is sorting out the work to be done for the day, there is a strong sense of camaraderie, folks joking as well as taking care of business before everyone drives off to their assignments for the day. It is my experience that this is not a common thing at most other pest control companies, and is something that we take pride in as an organization.

Besides my subjective feeling on the team, I know they are doing excellent work from the reviews we get online as well as the regular positive feedback we get from our clients in the form of letters and emails to management. As a company, our employee turnover rate is almost zero, another unusual thing in our industry. We take these signs as strong indicators that we are doing things the right way, for our company, for our employees, and especially for our customers.