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Termites are a major concern for homeowners in California because there are several different termite species that could destroy your home, slowly and silently, without you knowing it until it is too late. In fact, anytime someone is selling or purchasing a home, it is always a good idea to get a pest inspection to verify whether termites and other wood-eating pests are present and to find out the last time the home received professional termite control services.

Of course, the best protection against termites is to keep your home protected with annual termite inspections and treatments as they are needed. Unfortunately, not everyone fully understands how termite treatments work and why they need to be reapplied. They think, once the home has been treated, it is safe forever. Sadly, this is not the case.

Generally speaking, there are two basic types of treatments: Baits or bait stations and Sprays. Each of these is designed to help eradicate termite colonies and protect the home, yet their functions and frequency of retreatment vary.

Why Use Termite Bait Stations?

Bait stations are great to use outside, around the exterior of the home, because they provide a food source for termites and serve as a distraction for your home. Baits take time to work and for the termites to find them. Once they do, the workers will carry the food back to the colony and feed it, which will start to kill off the colony and, eventually, the queen.

Bait stations can also be used indoors to supplement sprays in homes with major infestations, to speed up the extermination process. Baits do need to be replaced when they run low. The length of time they last depends upon the level of termite infestation in and around your home. With a pest maintenance and control plan, your exterminator stops by and checks the baits and replenishes them, as needed, based on the frequency of visits your annual plan covers.

MightyMite Termite Services does not recommend or use any baits or bait station type products in their treatments at this time.

Why Use Termite Spray Treatments?

Sprays are much more effective at killing termites faster than baits. Sprays can be applied on the outside and interior of the home where there are signs of termite activity or as a preventative measure. When applied by a professional, termites typically start dying off within a day or two. However, due to the severity of the infestation, it can take a little longer for the treatment to reach the queen and fully kill the colony.

Not to mention, in extreme infestations, there can be multiple colonies and queens inside your home. As such, it is highly recommended to always have your entire home treated to ensure all colonies are treated, as well as to identify all potential entry points into the home.

Once the home has been fully treated, and all termites eradicated, treatments tend to last for several years before they need to be reapplied. To learn more about termite and pest control solutions for your home, please feel free to contact MightyMite Termite Services at 408-377-3761 and request a free quote today!