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MightyMite Termite’s Safe Termite Control

Termites spend their day eating the wood in your home or office. Our professional team treats termite colonies quickly and effectively, but powerful termite treatments leave many people wondering about their safety. The short answer is that termite treatments are safe for people and animals if they are done professionally with all safety precautions taken into consideration. Many termite treatments involve extensive chemicals that are dangerous if they are not appropriately handled. MightyMite Termite Services provides safer and more reliable termite treatments method to the California Bay Area. We will explain the possible health risks of different termite treatments and what to expect following our termite treatment.

Low-Toxicity Termite Treatments

Termite colonies must be eliminated as quickly as possible to prevent further structural damage to a home or office. Many termite infestations go undetected for years until they’ve caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or office. While property owners are often reluctant to have termite-eliminating chemicals around their property, we have low-toxicity options. Our low-toxicity treatments allow you to stay in your home while it’s being treated and won’t harm you or your pets. Our low-toxicity termite treatments include:

  • Orange Oil – Orange oil treatment is naturally derived from leftover orange rinds. The active ingredient is D-Limonene, which is used in everything from adhesives to cleaning liquids. It works by breaking down the termite’s exoskeleton. We do not use orange oil to treat subterranean or dampwood termites.
  • BoraCare or Tim-Bor – BoraCare or Tim-Bor are mainly made of Borate salt compounds. BoraCare and Tim-Bor work as a preventative termite treatment that could protect from 10 to 20 years in certain situations. The low toxicity treatment is highly effective for coating exposed wood in attics, subareas, and exposed interior wall framing.
  • Termidor Foam –We treat drywood termites by injecting Termidor Foam into the existing termite galleries of the infested wood. While Termidor Foam does not kill termites on impact, over a series of 6 to 8 weeks, it shuts down their nervous system.  This allows time for the termites who have picked up the product to bring it back to the main colony and transfer it to the other termites, essentially killing off the entire colony.  The active ingredient in Termidor is the insecticide, Fipronil, which is also found in common flea control medication used on pets. Termidor is approved by the EPA and is safe after it dries.
  • Termidor SC –  is a non-repellent, undetectable chemical technology treatment that is picked up and spread by termites. Termidor SC is a highly effective treatment that is typically used against subterranean termites by treating the soil around and under your home. The main ingredient in Termidor SC is also the same main ingredient found in Termidor Foam.

Is Fumigation Safe?

MightyMite Termite recommends heavily infested homes or businesses for fumigation. Vikane is used as a whole-structure termite fumigation treatment. Termite fumigation is typically used to control drywood termites in cases of extreme infestation, but a home can also be fumigated for a heavy infestation of wood-boring beetles as well. Humans and pets will need to vacate the property to ensure their safety. Homeowners will also remove or secure any food, medicine, and edible supplies. Gas services are disconnected from the property and tarps are placed over the home. The fumigation crew places fans throughout the structure to help move around the fumigant for a quicker response. Once everything is safe and secure, we release the Vikane gas into the structure. We leave the site and do not return for a minimum of 18 hours. We do not allow property owners or pets into the structure until our special safety meter measures at five parts per million or less. Our professional fumigation team makes safety a top priority. We understand the toxic effects of fumigation and will not allow anyone to enter the structure until it is completely safe and healthy.

Keeping Your Home Safe During Fumigation

It’s important to prepare your home for fumigation. The best way to keep the items in your home safe during fumigation services includes:

  • Throw away unsealed food.
  • Any clothing or bedding that is stored in bags, should be left open for the gas to easily pass in and out of the bags.
  • Unplug any unnecessary electrical appliances, except your refrigerator.
  • Remove all
  • Leave open interior doors to allow the fumigant gas to spread quickly and easily.

Are Liquid Termiticides Safe?

Liquid termite treatments are only toxic when they are first applied.  However, MightyMite Termite Services uses the lowest toxicity products available to professionals.  A majority of termiticides are water-based and odorless. When professionally applied by our expert and licensed technicians, they are not harmful to humans, pets, or plants.

Environmentally Low-Impact Termite Treatments

We can fight termite infestations and win without negatively impacting the environment with environmentally low-impact termite treatments. Our low-impact termite treatments containing borates, botanicals derived, and organically derived products offer a low environmental impact. Borates contain boron mixed with salt. Our termite solutions, BoraCare and Tim-Bor, are highly effective in preventing infestations without negatively impacting the environment. Made from plant extracts, botanicals are a great way to eliminate termites. Our orange oil treatment with d-limonene kills termites on contact without hurting your property.

Why Orange Oil for Termite Treatment?

Many people know us due to our effective orange oil termite treatment. Orange oil is a targeted treatment that kills with direct contact. It is effective at eliminating termites. It’s not the citrus that kills termites in orange oil treatments. The active ingredient of D-Limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges. It erodes the termite’s exoskeleton and destroys its appetite. We love it as a low-toxicity termite treatment that helps eliminate drywood termites. Our team understands every affected area needs to be targeted to ensure all termites are eliminated. We drill holes into the wood to directly apply the orange oil treatment. Orange oil is also highly effective against wood-boring beetles.

The Danger of Letting Termites Invade

The most significant danger of a termite invasion is the termites. It’s worse for your home and family to let termites continue to invade your home than to get termite control. Our specialists will discuss the safest and most reliable ways to eliminate termites in your home or office. Getting fast termite treatment is critical because they multiply rapidly and will severely damage your property if left untreated once you begin to see signs of them in your home. Your family and the investment in your home are much more at risk if you don’t get termite treatments to control a termite invasion.

Leave Safe Termite Treatments to the Professionals

Never try to eliminate termites without a licensed professional. Our highly trained and licensed team eliminates termites in the safest way possible. We understand not every termite problem can be resolved without some level of toxicity. Every termite infestation is unique, just like every home is unique, so we will perform a complete termite inspection to determine the best approach to your problem. We’ll accurately identify the types of termites in your home and devise a solution for elimination. We will never perform a treatment without using a professional protocol. You will never be in harm’s way when we are treating your termite infestation.

Why Choose MightyMite Termite Services?

MightyMite Termite Services is dedicated to treating termites safely and effectively. Since 2012, our team of licensed professionals has found the best ways to treat your termites in the Bay Area. We understand the need for safe termite treatments that won’t harm you or your animals. Our team will always explain our treatments in detail and outline the plan for your treatment procedure. Whether you need wood repair services or a free termite inspection, we’re here for you. We service residential and commercial properties with the most effective termite treatments customized for your needs.

Contact MightyMite Termite 

MightyMite Termite Services will help save your home or office from costly termite damage. We offer a two-year service warranty to ensure we eliminate your problem. We provide routine termite inspections with your warranty and preventative treatment options. Contact us today to talk about the safest and most effective termite services for you.