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Safer Termite Treatments in the California Bay Area

Termites are tiny creatures that can do significant damage to your home. While they eat non-stop and tear through your wood, it can leave you wondering how they affect your pets. If you’re worried about termite dangers to pets, you aren’t alone. We understand the significant threat of termites. MightyMite Termite Services helps keep pets safe from termites in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to use low-toxicity treatments to eliminate most termite infestations. Our exemplary termite prevention and treatment services will help eliminate termites from your home safely and effectively.

Will Termites Bite My Pets?

Termites do have a large appetite and a big bite to gnaw through wood, but they will not bite you or your pet. They only like to eat things made of cellulose, including cardboard or paper. Many people think termites sting, but they do not have a stinger.

DIY Termite Treatments May Harm Pets 

DIY termite treatments don’t combine well with pets. It’s natural to panic and tries to find anything to repel termites, but these items often have dangerous chemicals. Not all DIY termite products are safe for your animals or the humans in your home. Many contain harsh chemicals that cannot be inhaled or ingested. It’s critical to leave termite treatments to licensed professionals. Our team members are trained and licensed for the safe extermination of termites. We ensure to eliminate the entire termite colony without harming the pets in your home in the process.

Actions to Keep Your Pets Safe

The best action to keep your pet safe is to hire a licensed professional termite company. We will inspect your home to determine the extent of your termite infestation and damage, find a solution, and begin the termite elimination process. We will find a safe solution with one of our low-toxicity termite treatments or offer fumigation if you have a severe infestation. No matter the termite treatment you choose, your pets will stay safe and out of the way. We understand specific termite treatments can be harmful to your pets, so we work hard to ensure your pet is safe during treatment.

Low-Toxicity Termite Treatments

We are proud to offer naturally derived and low-toxicity termite treatments with a low environmental impact. Our low-toxicity treatments let you stay in your home while we eliminate your termite problem. MightyMite Termite’s low-toxicity termite treatments include:

  • Orange Oil – We inject orange oil into the existing channels and galleries of termites. The active ingredient of D-Limonene breaks down the termite’s exoskeleton. Orange Oil is an immediate kill product, requiring drywood termites to come into direct contact with the product to be effective.  After about 2 weeks, orange oil will dissipate from where it was applied.
  • BoraCare or Tim-Bor – We spray BoraCare or Tim-Bor mixed with water into areas of exposed wood. BoraCare or Tim-Bor has a high consistency of Borate salt compounds that can work to prevent termites for up to 10 to 20 years.
  • Termidor SC – We apply Termidor SC in soil treatments to eliminate termites once they come into contact with it. The solution is made from a non-repellent, undetectable chemical technology treatment that termites cannot detect.
  • Termidor Foam – We apply Termidor Foam directly into the existing termite galleries for drywood termites where signs of active infestation are present.  The foam expands throughout the galleries, working as a transfer product among the termites, and can continue to work for up to 6 months after application.

Keeping Pets Safe During Fumigation 

If your home is heavily infested with drywood termites or wood boring beetles, we will recommend fumigation to eliminate the issue. Vikane gas is what is used to eliminate drywood termites or wood boring beetles. You will need to vacate the complete home, including pets. Fans are placed throughout your home to help move around the gas. You and your pets will not be allowed back onto the property until it is safe. To deem your home safe a specially designed meter is used and when the meter measures at five parts per million or less for any Vikane gas, it is safe for you, your family, and your pets to return home.

Keeping Pets Safe From Liquid Termiticides 

Liquid termite treatments are not typically a problem for pets. They are odorless and water-based and are not harmful to humans or pets. Liquid termite treatments are precisely targeted for specific areas, so your pets should not come into contact with the liquid. The only time liquid termite treatments are harmful is when they are wet when first applied during the application process. We always seal or patch any drilled holes to ensure a safe treatment.

Termite Treatment Precautions for Pets

Though most termite treatments will not harm your pet, taking termite treatment precautions for pets is essential. You should keep pets away from rooms and areas that are being treated for termites. Humans are much easier to keep away from treatment areas than pets that like to stick their noses in places or be where new people are in your home. To be completely safe, keep your pets away from the treated areas for a day.

Offering Safe Wood Repair 

In addition to termite treatments, we also offer wood repair and replacement services that are safe for you and your animals. Our technicians know how each termite species behaves, including the Western Drywood Termite, Subterranean Termite, and Pacific Dampwood Termite. We know the significant amount of damage each type of termite can cause in your home. All species need a specific amount of moisture from wood and can find it easily in larger wood beams. Once the termites eat as much wood as they can, the damage is done. After our effective termite treatments, we can offer services to remove and replace the damaged wood. By removing the damaged wood, we remove the environment from termites. We also offer wood fillers to reinforce and strengthen the wood without replacing it. We offer wood replacement services for termite and fungus/dry rot damage.

Why is Termite Control Essential?

A termite colony can cause significant damage to your home in a short amount of time. The structure of your home is vulnerable to the termite’s attack and may become weak. After treatment and as a part of the warranty, we perform routine termite inspections to check for any signs of termites in your home. Our professionally licensed termite experts will ensure your home is healthy and free from termites.

Why Choose MightyMite Termite Services?

MightyMite Termite Services diagnoses and treats termite infestations with the most effective methods and unmatched warranties. Since 2012, we’ve offered safe and effective termite treatments in the California Bay Area. Our technicians are licensed and extensively trained to eliminate termites and protect your home or business throughout the years of your warranty. We know termites will try to return to eat more wood, so we’re always armed with preventative termite treatments. We always offer free termite inspections to determine if you have termites and the extent of the damage. We also offer wood repair services. All of our work is backed with a minimum two-year warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Contact MightyMite Termite Services Today

MightyMite Termite Services puts safety first. We will discuss your termite treatment options and determine the necessary safety steps for you, your family, and your pets. We will never put your pet in harm’s way. We customize our termite treatments to each household and business for optimal results. We are proud of our hard-working team and will get down on our hands and knees to search for the root of your termite problem. We work with you to find the most effective and safe termite treatment for your family, home, and business. Our MightyMite Termite team is dedicated to eradicating termites in your home safely and effectively. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection!