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Although we’d rather they didn’t join us, uninvited guests like spiders, crickets, and silverfish tend to come with the territory of homeownership. No matter how prepared you are to prevent it, insects always find a place to set up camp. In the worst of cases, homeowners find themselves battling with destructive invaders like mice and termites to save their framework. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few common wood destroying organisms and their most beloved hiding spots in your home (and tell you how to get rid of them!).

Beneath the Sink

Not only is the space under your kitchen and bathroom sink dark and relatively undisturbed, but it’s also a perfect place to get water. If you’ve got any leaks in the plumbing, fixing those can help to deter spiders from hanging out around the pipes. Even so, spiders love to find dark, well-protected spaces to build a web. Other critters are fond of this usually closed-off space, as well; silverfish love the generally damp area around sinks, and mice like to hide in all sorts of cabinets so they can sleep during the day.

Dark, Cluttered Areas

One of the most ideal places for a spider to settle in is one with a lot of nearby items from which to anchor a web. Other critters like crickets, earwigs, and centipedes also love to hide in the dark, tight crevices between items. Cluttered shelves in closets or basement storage area perfect for these tiny interlopers.

Around the Foundation and Between Concrete Slabs

The area directly around the foundation of your home—especially if there is excess moisture due to a poor grade or other issues—is commonplace for crickets, termites, earwigs, and other wood destroying organisms to hide out and enter your home. Even the smallest of cracks in the foundation can be an easy point of entry for subterranean termites, who will proceed to devour the wood in the walls of your home. Similarly, anywhere two slabs of the concrete meet (like between the foundation slab and a patio slab), there will be a nice dark cool gap for bugs to hide in.

The Garage

The garage is an area of your home that interfaces directly with the outdoors. While the door is open (or even when it’s not), all types of wood destroying organisms have the opportunity to get inside and set up shop. Mice have been known to chew the bottom seal on garage doors to get in where it’s warm and dry, which then makes it open season for other critters!

Get Rid Termites with MightyMite Termite Services

When there’s a serious infestation in your home, it’s time to bring out the big guns. At MightyMite Termite Services in Campbell, CA, we take every client’s concerns seriously and provide effective, reliable treatments to knock out invading forces. We’ll inspect your property for signs of termites and other wood destroying organisms, then treat your home as necessary. If you’re ready to give your unwanted guests the boot for good, contact us online or call our termite control experts today at 408-377-3761.