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Summer is upon us, and it’s time to make sure your home is ready to face the season. This is a great time of year to get your home in shape, both inside and out, not just making it look better, but taking care of any problems while the weather is nice. Many home maintenance issues start out small, and it’s smart to catch them then before they turn into something more serious and expensive. Where does your home need a little touching up?

Start by Taking Stock of your Home’s Exterior
Could Your Paint Job Use a Quick Touch-Up?

This is a project that’s not too hard to tackle on a summer weekend, and it can make a big difference in the look of your home.

If the Paint’s Still in Good Shape but Looking a Little Dingy, Your House Might Just Need a Good Cleaning

Things like dirt, stains, moss, and mildew can make your house look rough, but it’s easy to brighten it up by cleaning it. Some people swear by a pressure washer, while others prefer soft washing, which uses less water than pressure washing and is less likely to damage your house.

Summer Is a Great Time to Wash the Outside of the Windows

The best way to make your windows shine is to use soap, water, a sponge, and some elbow grease: window exteriors may be too big of a job for a typical spray cleaner. Remember to wash the screens while you’re at it because clean windows don’t really seem clean if their screens are dirty. Takedown all of the screens and wash them with soapy water.

Look Down As Well as Up

Your patios, walkways, and driveways get a lot of wear, so it’s good to thoroughly clean them at least once a year. A pressure washer is a right tool for this job but checks for cracks and weeds before you get started.

Clear The Air

You should be changing your HVAC filter every month or so, but just in case you haven’t done it lately, it’s smart to get that done before the summer really kicks into gear. Some air conditioning units have a filter that should be washed every couple of weeks, so check your system to see whether that’s the case. The air conditioning fan needs attention too, which regular maintenance to make sure it’s clean and working well. If you don’t know how to take care of it, now would be a good time to speak with an HVAC specialist. While you’re tending to the air in your house, go ahead and reverse the ceiling fans so that they spin counter-clockwise and push the air straight down.

Give Your Appliances a Once-Over

We depend on our appliances to do our everyday chores, but often forget that they need occasional maintenance. While you’re tending to them, be sure to inspect their hoses: cracked hoses may need replacing.

Take Care of Your Washing Machine

Inspect seals for any dirt or stains, cleaning anything you find by wiping with a solution of ¾ cup bleach in a gallon of warm water, allowing it to sit for five minutes, and then wiping it with a clean cloth. While you’re in the laundry room, you can also take out the dryer’s lint filter and clean it with laundry detergent and a kitchen brush.

Make Sure Your Refrigerator Is Clean

This includes often overlooked areas like the gasket and the inside of the doors. Clean the refrigerator coils, and you’ll save energy and make your fridge work more efficiently.

Don’t Forget the Other Kitchen Appliances

Clean your garbage disposal by flushing it with dish detergent and hot water, taking care to inspect the rubber flaps for buildup. If they’re dirty, clean them with an old toothbrush and a degreaser. Clean the dishwasher by adding two cups of vinegar to the bottom and running it on the low wash cycle.

Look To The Baseboards

The baseboards are a part of the house that gets overlooked, so it’s no surprise that dust and dirt can build upon them over time. Using a damp cloth, wipe them thoroughly to remove the grime.

Venture Into Your Attic and Basement

They may not be your favorite rooms in the house, but attics and basements deserve at least a yearly inspection. What should you look for? Catching signs of water leakage, mold or mildew, and termites early can save you money in the long run.

Call in the Termite Experts!

One of the most common and insidious insects, termites can strike without you even knowing they’re there. They cost homeowners billions of dollars each year, and early detection is the key to successfully eradicating them. You can check for termites yourself by paying attention to things like hollow-sounding wood, discarded wings, and mud tubes on the side of the house, but a professional will do a much more thorough inspection. What’s more, a termite inspector can offer solutions for treating and protecting your home, which will save you money in the long run, because you’ll avoid costly repairs.

If it’s time for a termite inspection, it’s time to call MightyMite. At MightyMite Termite Services, we perform termite inspections to ensure that your home is free of termites. We also work hard to help you keep your home safe from termites, using treatments that are naturally derived and have a low impact on the environment. We diagnose and treat infestations with the most effective methods and unmatched warranties, solving your termite problems the first time, with an industry-best “no call-back rate.” That, combined with our experience, technology, and highly trained professional staff, makes us the leading extermination company in the Bay Area. We understand that your home is your most important investment, so we work hard to provide excellent service, utilizing industry best practices to solve our customers’ termite problems in Northern California. For more information, call us today at 408-377-3761, email, or contact us through our website.