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MightyMite Termite Offers Effective Termite Control Options  

Termite infestation is one of the most common and concerning issues facing property owners throughout the Bay Area. As a leading termite company in the region, MightyMite Termite is committed to offering the most effective solutions for residential and commercial termite outbreaks.

If you’re exploring termite control and prevention options for subterranean termite treatment for your property, you may have come across information about rodding and trenching methods. It’s important for homeowners and commercial property owners to understand the difference between rodding and trenching and the situations that require these treatment methods for subterranean termite control. Below, we explain the key differences between rodding and trenching and the benefits and drawbacks of this termite treatment method. Call us today to learn more!

Why Termite Control Specialists Use Rodding & Trenching

Subterranean termites live in soil beneath and around homes. They build distinctive tunnels, or “mud tubes,” to reach food sources and protect themselves from open air. They’re known as the most destructive termite species, using their sharp saw-like jaws to eat wood 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These termite colonies can have up to two million members, making them a threat to property owners if left untreated.

One of the most effective ways to control subterranean termites is to target the nests within the colonies with repellents or baits to keep them clear of the area. Rodding and trenching are two ways the team at MightyMite Termite attacks the source and keeps them from feeding on your home or commercial building.

Trenching and/or Rodding Treatment

Rodding is used in conjunction with trenching, the process of digging a trench in the soil surrounding the perimeter of the home to deliver the termiticide treatment. While traditional termite treatments use six-inch trenches to ensure the treatment effectively reaches where the termites live, rodding involves inserting a rod into the soil about one foot deeper than the six-inch termiticide treatment. The termiticide flows down into the soil, providing additional termite protection to the property.  Using either the trenching or rodding method for treatment all depends on the type of soil and landscaping around the direct perimeter of the structure.

Drilling Into Concrete around the perimeter of Foundations

The drilling method involves drilling holes of less than an inch every food in the concrete around the foundation of the building. It follows the same concept as rodding because it’s focused on delivering the termiticide to the place where the subterranean termites live, underground in the soil. Drilling requires more tools and skills than rodding because you’re drilling into the concrete adjacent to the foundation of the house.

The termiticide is injected into the holes for the subterranean termite treatment, and then finally, the concrete holes are plugged and patched. It’s essential to hire a professional termite control specialist to perform rodding and drilling treatments. This will ensure the process is done safely and effectively.

Pros of Rodding/Trenching & Drilling

There are many benefits to termite treatments that use rodding/trenching and drilling methods. The method we use for your property depends on if there is an active subterranean termite infestation in your home or if it is a preventative treatment. There are several reasons to consider rodding/trenching or drilling for your subterranean termite infestation, including:

  • Our team uses low-toxicity products that are unnoticeable to humans and pets
  • The products that are used bind to the soil and essentially create a barrier around and under your home against subterranean termites
  • Once treatment is done properly around the perimeter of a home, it can last for many years

How Effective Is Rodding/Trenching & Drilling?

Rodding/trenching and drilling are both effective ways to reach subterranean termite infestations underground. With drilling, holes can be drilled around the concrete foundation to treat the soil under the concrete. Rodding/trenching allows the termiticide to be applied directly into the soil, increasing its effectiveness and leaving a protective barrier around your home.

One of the key advantages of rodding/trenching and drilling is that, unlike traditional treatments that place insecticide on the surface of the ground, these treatment methods use products that go into the soil around the foundation of the structure, ensuring any chemicals used during the process are well out of reach of kids and pets.

What if I Don’t Want to Drill Holes in the Concrete Around My Home?

Home and property owners might be reluctant to drill holes into the concrete around the foundation of their structure, but termite destruction can be a far more significant problem. Subterranean termite colonies are known for destroying structures and causing financial ruin for Bay area property owners.

When drilling holes into the concrete around the foundation of a home for subterranean termite control, the downside is that you’ll be left with holes in the concrete around the perimeter of the foundation every foot – that our team will be sure to plug and patch correctly. However, an untreated subterranean termite infestation could lead to far worse consequences.

Which Termite Treatment Is Right for My Property?

The best way to determine which termite treatment is right for your property is to contact a professional whose expertise in termite control can inspect your property, determine the extent of the damage, and make the best recommendations for effective treatment.

Contact MightyMite Today for Effective Termite Control  

At MightyMite Termite Services, we’re committed to helping you keep your home in the Bay Area safe from termites, using the lowest toxicity products available to professionals that have a low impact on the environment. Our team of professional termite control specialists diagnose and treat infestations with the most effective methods and unmatched warranties, solving your termite problems the first time with an industry-best “no call-back rate.” Contact us for a termite inspection and to learn more about our services!