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Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Houston, and Los Angeles—there’s one thing these cities have in common: termites. In fact, NBC News noted San Francisco has been one of the nation’s most termite-ridden cities. The insects don’t only infest homes in suburban and rural areas. That means termite control is an important service for city dwellers to think about.

Sign of termite infestation in wood

Termite Extermination in the Urban Environment

An infestation that occurs in a city home is not that different than one elsewhere. Like many insects, they’re attracted to moisture. There’s plenty of that in cities. Subsequently, it’s important to look out for:

Standing water
Blocked gutters/drain spouts
Poorly ventilated crawl spaces
Leaky plumbing
Poor drainage
Also, look for signs of termites. Attracted to light, they may swarm around light sources. If sawdust has collected near doors, windows, or the garage, there may be termites, and you want to be on the lookout for holes in any wood surface. Buckling paint can be a sign as well.

Controlling Termites in Your City Home

Termite control is a challenge for any homeowner, anywhere. There have been rather large infestations in cities. The Bay Area is no exception, given the proximity of buildings to one another; it is easy for termites to travel from structure to structure. The problem is even bigger in older homes in historic neighborhoods, where the predominant building material is wood.

Traditional termite fumigation uses toxic chemicals that can easily spread and impact adjacent apartments. MightyMite Termite Services uses an orange oil termite solution that is safe for people and the environment. Fumigation options are available as well, depending on the scope of the problem. Every treatment is tailored to the exact needs of the home.

Whether you’re a city dweller or not, you can also focus on prevention by the following means:

Termite damage to wood floor

Seal up any unfinished wood: Natural wood is as popular a design choice as ever. It’s also appealing to termites. Holes make it seem rustic but are gaping welcoming signs for these pests. Seal these up and coat the wood with sealants, paints, or varnishes to protect it.
Move wood away from the foundation: Any lumber near the foundation can attract termites, which can quickly find their way into your home. That includes firewood or any lumber you store outside.
Apply mesh to openings: San Francisco’s termites thrive in a moderate-temperature, humid climate. Even subterranean varieties can enter through cracks in doors, windows, vents, and crawl spaces. By fitting openings with mesh, you add an additional layer of protection.
Transfer Kill: Termites need just a fraction of an inch to enter a foundation or wall. Believe it or not, you can use this to your advantage. Local treatments don’t require finding the primary nest but exposing one or a few, which then transfer the substance back to the colony, ultimately killing it off.

MightyMite Termite Services to the Rescue

Bay Area pest control companies are familiar with effective solutions. For one with proven experience in the field, contact MightyMite Termite Services. Our team is up on the latest solutions, including orange oil for termites. Call 408-377-3761 today for a free termite treatment cost estimate and to schedule a visit by a dedicated termite control expert.