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Termites are a major headache for homeowners in Northern California. One infestation can cause thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in-home repairs. It is essential for homeowners to understand infestations are not something that occurs overnight.

Termites do provide several warning signs they are present and slowly destroying the wooden structures of your home. One sign that could indicate an infestation is when you notice large numbers of swarming (flying) insects in the spring or late summer and fall.

To learn more about the other signs of a termite infestation, why you should call an expert, and how long it takes to get rid of a termite infestation, we invite you to continue reading and reviewing the following infographic. You will want to familiarize yourself with these and take immediate action if you notice any of them.

Afterward, if you have further questions about termites, believe you have an infestation, or want to schedule a FREE home inspection for termites, please feel free to contact MightyMite Termite Services directly today!

signs of a Termite Infestation