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Termites are highly destructive creatures, causing over $5 billion worth of damage every year in the United States. Of course, some states are more affected than others. What are the worst States for termite damage, and how does California rank?


The State with the biggest termite problem is sunny Florida. There are six species of tiny termites that are causing huge problems in the sunshine State. Two of the worst are invasive Asian subterranean termites, which live mostly in the southern part of the state, and Formosan subterranean termites, which live throughout the southeast. There’s been a dramatic increase in termite damage due to these species, endangering all structures within a 500-meter radius of an infestation. Half of all homes in southern Florida will be at risk within twenty years according to University of Florida researchers. The worst cities in Florida for termite infestations are Miami, Tampa, and Orlando — all in the top ten.

In fact, the whole southeast is a huge termite trouble area, containing the six worst-ranked States for termite damage. In order, they are Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The next worst State is nearby Texas, especially on its gulf coast. Why is the South such a great place for termite colonies? Two words: heat and humidity. The only State without termites is Alaska. Dry
States tend to have moderate issues with termites.

Unfortunately for us, the next State on the list of termite havens is our own state of California. The worst California cities for termite damage are Los Angeles, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area — all in the top fifteen. The northernmost tip of the State has a high termite risk, but most of California has enough heat and humidity to be considered very high risk, and high elevation does not make your home safe. We harbor every several different types of termites — subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. The most pervasive problem for homeowners is subterranean termites. Reticulitermes, the most common subterranean termites, are found in nearly all regions of the state. They’re also the most destructive, despite being fairly tiny compared to dampwood and drywood termites. Mature colonies of Reticulitermes can contain hundreds of millions of termites.

It’s worth noting that not all of these species are bad for you or the State. Some termites serve a useful purpose in forests and woodlands, breaking down dead wood and other natural materials. (They rarely hurt living trees.) This returns nutrients to the soil. Their tunnels also help to aerate the soil. Termites are also a nutritious meal for many species of mammals. But of course, they’re a huge danger to all wooden buildings and furniture as well as infrastructures such as wooden road borders and signs.

If not quickly dealt with, a termite infestation can cause serious damage to a home aesthetically as well as foundationally. A professional service is required for successful termite treatment in California, as effective, professional strength termite control products aren’t available in the State for homeowners. Due to pesticide regulations, only professionals are authorized to use them.

In case you’re curious, here is the full ranking of worst termite States:

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia
  3. South Carolina
  4. Alabama
  5. Mississippi
  6. Louisiana
  7. Texas
  8. California
  9. Arkansas
  10. North Carolina

And here is the ranking of worst cities for termite damage:

  1. Los Angeles CA
  2. Miami FL
  3. Washington DC
  4. Tampa FL
  5. Chicago IL
  6. Atlanta GA
  7. New York NY
  8. Raleigh NC
  9. Dallas TX
  10. Orlando FL
  11. San Diego CA
  12. Norfolk VA
  13. Houston TX
  14. Richmond VA
  15. San Francisco CA
  16. West Palm Beach FL
  17. Philadelphia PA
  18. Nashville TN
  19. Baltimore MD
  20. Charlotte NC
  21. Cincinnati OH
  22. New Orleans LA
  23. Indianapolis IN
  24. Greenville SC
  25. Phoenix AZ
  26. Pittsburgh PA
  27. Knoxville VA
  28. Kansas City MO
  29. Savannah GA
  30. St. Louis MO
  31. Louisville KY
  32. Columbia SC
  33. Austin TX
  34. Charleston SC
  35. Lafayette LA
  36. Ft. Myers (-4)
  37. San Antonio TX
  38. Grand Rapids MI
  39. Mobile AL
  40. Boston MA
  41. Waco TX
  42. Tulsa OK
  43. Columbus OH
  44. Jacksonville FL
  45. Charleston SC
  46. Chattanooga TN
  47. Honolulu HI
  48. Wichita KS
  49. Oklahoma City OK
  50. Denver CO


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