• The Breakdown of a Termite Infestation

    Termites are a major headache to homeowners in Northern California. One infestation can cause thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in home repairs. It is essential for homeowners to understand infestations are not something that occurs overnight. Termites do provide several warning signs they are present and slowly destroying the wooden structures of your […]

  • Debunking Termite Myths Using Interesting Facts About Termites

    Termites can be a major headache and hassle for homeowners once they discover they have an infestation. In most cases, by the time a homeowner discovers signs of termites, significant damage has already been done. Detecting an infestation on your own is often difficult and requires help from a professional pest control company . Termites […]

  • Why You Should Choose MightyMite Termite Services

    When choosing a termite exterminator , it is important to select a company that has expertise and knowledge to resolve any current issues you might be experiencing. Where many homeowners and business owners go wrong is relying on another type of service—say, their lawn care or pool cleaning service to provide termite control services. The […]

  • The Top Twenty Cities with the Worst Termite Infestation Problems

    With unseasonable colder temperatures across most of the continental United States this winter, we are anticipating a rather active springtime swarming season for subterranean termites . During warmer winters, termite colony activity does not slow down like it does in colder winters. As a result, there are typically fewer swarms come spring. During colder winters, […]