• DID YOU KNOW? The Dirty Facts of Termites

    Termites are fascinating creatures that have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Known for eating houses and causing damage, there’s more to these creatures than meets the eye. They Are Not Just Pests It’s not only wood from houses a termite seeks. When trees die, they help decompose the wood, which is beneficial […]

  • Are Termites Harmful to Humans and Our Pets?

    Unlike most other types of pests you can encounter around your home, termites take an indirect approach to harming humans and our pets. They like living in the dark and damp areas of the home where we cannot get to them. As such, when a termite problem begins , you will probably have no idea […]

  • What Is in Your Backyard that Can Attract Termites?

    Spring is in the air, and that means flowers blooming, April showers, and longer days. It also signifies the start of breeding season for subterranean termites. This species of termites expands its colonies in the spring with flying swarmers. Swarmers are winged termites, which many people mistake for flying ants. If you notice swarmers in […]