• Summer Is Here: Why Bay Area Termites Might Choose To Move In With You NOW!

    The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for its cool summers and Mediterranean-like weather. In the summertime, the Bay Area is naturally cooled by cold fronts and often creates fog because of the warmer water temperatures. While this can be great for your energy bills, there could be a silent intruder that is also […]

  • What to Expect When You Hire an Exterminator

    There are specific processes and steps that an experienced exterminator will perform when visiting your home. Their objective is to determine whether your home has already been infested with termites, what risks of infestation there are, and what will be the most effective treatments for preventing and resolving any termite issues you currently have. The […]

  • Five Summer Termite Control Tips To Stop Summertime Termite Infestations

    With warmer weather and longer days, you are probably thinking about fun things to do outdoors, extended weekend trips, and planning a vacation with your kids. However, before you head off to enjoy your favorite summertime activities and destinations, don’t forget to protect your home against termites. With warmer weather and longer days, you are […]