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Benefits of Tentless Termite Treatment

When you think of termite treatment, do you picture a tented house with termite fumigation happening inside? That is one method of termite control, but it’s not the only method. Tentless termite treatment is an alternative to the tent, beneficial and convenient because it doesn’t require the homeowners to vacate the house. Here’s everything you need to know about getting rid of termites using tentless termite treatment.

  • So, what is tentless termite treatment? Several different types of treatment don’t require tenting a house. Generally, a combination of direct and indirect methods is effective in treating termites. Direct methods involve putting treatment products into the places where you know the termites are living, while indirect methods can involve tactics like treating the soil around your house or putting out termite baits. Termites track through the product or pick it up, carrying it back into their colonies. Eventually, the termiticide reaches and kills all of the termites in the colony.
  • What are the advantages of tentless termite treatment? The primary benefit of opting for tentless termite treatment is that there is far less disruption to your life. You will not have to vacate your home or remove your pets or plants from the house. While tent fumigation requires the removal of cosmetics, medications, and uncanned foods, this is not necessary with tentless treatment. There is also no risk of landscaping or roof damage, and your satellite dish or antenna will not need to be disconnected. What’s more, tentless termite treatment has a lower environmental impact, because it is not putting harsh chemicals into the air.
  • Are there disadvantages to foregoing the tent? It has been suggested that a tentless treatment may be less effective than tenting the entire house because it’s easy for direct application to miss some spots of infestation. The termites in those untouched areas can do more damage to the house, re-infesting it and requiring additional treatment. However, when a combination of methods is used, it can be more effective than tenting, which does not address the colonies underground, outside of the house.

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