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When you shut off the lights, do you hear your house creaking? Does it sound like your house is “moaning” in pain? It could very well be—if you have termites. These tiny pests love the dark, and your home has plenty of places for these bugs to hide from plain sight.

While you are planning your Halloween party, putting up decorations, and making your house as spooky as possible, you may not even realize inside your walls it is already scary and spooky enough to send your friends and neighbors running for the nearest exit!

Unlike some other pests, termites never sleep. They constantly work around the clock, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, at expanding their colony tunnels by eating the wood that supports your home. In fact, most people do not even realize they are infested with termites until they start to notice other signs of damage, like cracks in the ceiling or walls, or a sagging floor.

Sure, those cracks can add to the ambiance of your Halloween-themed home, and that soft floor might sound like a great Halloween prank to play on your friend in hopes their foot gets stuck, but the resulting damage could be costly to repair and fix.

If that is not scary enough for you, consider this interesting fact about termites: Termites require bacteria microorganisms in their digestive systems in order to break down the cellulose in wood. In order to obtain the microorganisms, termites must eat each other’s poop! Gross, right? Imagine if you had to eat poop to survive and be able to digest the food you ate?

One last creepy fact you can use to scare your friends who are afraid of bugs is that termites have been around for more than 130 million years and share a common ancestor with cockroaches. To ensure your home does not have termites lurking in the walls, contact MightyMite Termite Services at 408-377-3761 and schedule a free termite inspection today!